New Year 2015 at Merbabu Mt 3142 Mdpl

Everyone has a different way to celebrate a new year. they will have a different eksperience how to celebrate it in every year, it can due of with whom, where and How. i want to share my eksperience of My last new year 2015 in Merbabu mt. I leaved from Jogja with my friend Agus Adrianto in Tuesday 30 December 2014 . i ask him to accompany me without any plan before. it was 21.00 WIB when i leaved from jogja, I go to Boyolali first, i have to meet my other friend. I arrived at his house at 23.00 WIB. i took a rest for a while time in his house because i was so sleepy and tired. in 00:05, we decided to start our journey, and arrived at the basecamp in about 02:00.

The air there was so cool, we must wear a big jacket to keep warm. the basecamp in Merbabu was closed, i didn’t know why, it was uncommonly, at the other time, it always opened in everytime, even at theĀ  midnight, So we decided to got asleep until morning. it was early morning, we got up, took a pray, created a breakfast (porridge and instan noodle). it was so delicious beacause it was created in the very beautifull view and cool air. Ok i will give some eksplanation with the picture so it will be more clear:

IMG_2357 IMG_2388 IMG_2497 IMG_2505 IMG_2528 IMG_2563 IMG_2568IMG_2507


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