My First Year in Batam (21/01/2015 – 21/01/2016)

Hello everybody, whats up today? hopefully everyone have a good time all the day. Now is Wednesday, 21 January 2016, my special date. Why? because i have my first year in Batam counted from 21 January 2015. i write all of this to make my memory recorded in some where so i can read and memorize the moment anytime i want.

Here are some special Day that i can remember :

  1. 22 Des 2014 : The Second Interview, Recruitement Process, By Mr. Sigit n Mr.Bambang in Hotel Cakra Kembang Jakal Yogyakarta
  2. 13 Jan 2015 : The day announced that i accepted as an MIS Employee in PT JMS Batam (called by miss Juny)
  3. Wednesday, 21 Jan 2015 : First Time come to Batam, First time come to JMS BAtam, First Time have a journey by plan
  4. Thursday, 22 Jan 2015 : Join Date in JMS Batam
  5. Wednesday, 21 Jan 2016 : My First Year Anniversary in Batam

in the picture, they are my friends, we are in one group of Employee Recruitment  from Jogja.

Facebook-20160121-020337 Facebook-20160121-020427 IMG_1767 IMG_5605 IMG_956220150826_150522IMG_0787 IMG_2455 IMG_2953



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