How to Keep Active Writing Our blog

Hai everybody, i wish we are always have a beautifull time. Now, i will share some tips how to active write a post to our blog. This article is absorbed from Mr. Bhayu MH’ article  I share him writing dedicated to myself so i can motivate everyone especially My Self to have some courage to write our blog as many as we can. I am not a good writer, just a new blogger that learn how be a good writer because there will be many advantage from blogging, like :

  1. Become a better writer
  2. Improve your SEO
  3. Build a network
  4. Your memory always live
  5. Stay knowledgeable in your field
  6. Gain influence
  7. Get immediate feedback
  8. Learn about many kind of people
  9. Start a new business

and still there are many other advantage that we get from blogging, so just start right now  dont delay, delay and delay your plan to write. Ok i just start share what i mean from the begining, How to be active write a post to our blog :

A. Start create your own Blog

There are many vendor that offer a free of blog building, like WordPress, Blogspot, Multiply (currently closed) and many others. its so simple how to create a blog, just register and make your unique name of your blog depends on what kind of your business. If you have no budget to your blog, domain .wordpress or .blogspot is suitable for you, because its all free, but remembered, you have a limited hosting (memory space to your post) like 3 GB for But if you have some budget, just buy your own domain name, like .com .me and many others depends on your budget and business, so people can more easily recognize your blog.

B. Start Writing Immadiately/Soonly

If you find some good idea, just write down soonly. Take a note and Pena wherever you go if needed, you can use your smartphone to save your draft of your idea. when you get your internet connection and comfort place, just start to write and upload your writing without any delay.

C. Forget about grammar of your language

Don’t scare to start writing, dont worry if you have a bad language or anything. Our language will be better better and better depends how often we read and write. there are many people can not write with a good grammar or good style of writing, but if we dont try, our skill will not increase or getting better, but just stay and even getting worst. Blogging is like express our imagination, just in here we can write anything just like we want, no matter with people said, so what with people thing, Just write the best, and we will get good feedback during the time.

D. Remember, there is no Teacher, Jury or Editor
Just like what i said before, write anything with our style, dont scare to start writing. No matter if we dont have a good writing ability. There is no teacher, jury or editor that will comment on our post, except we are in writing blog competition or others. Dont worry if our post will be denounced or critized by reader, its not wrong, its our right to express everything in our blog.
E. Forget the Reader
Blog is media of self expression, so its not wrong if we are selfish to write anything according to our subjective viewpoint. Blog is not news portal and we are not journalist or reporter that must write with balanced of both side. But we must remember, there are some rule or ethics in blogging like : Not Allowed of defamation, incitement or dissemination of false news do not curse, and if as can as possible hide the corresponding name. Also, do not write hoax or issues that no factual reference.
F. No One is perfect
Everyone has the skill on many things different. There are many people with good ability in writing, but all of them get their ability not with the sort way or instan, they has many process. So, for us that want to be a good blogger, dont scare to be fault, wrong and bad in writing, just try try and try.  Every good writer must had ever beeing a bad writer at the first, they learn  and try all the time.
G. Don’t intend writing to become famous
H. Know your self and your writing style
 You have to know where is our position in life today. If we are still in school, just write to your interests. Because the blog originally was intended as an online journal or diary digital. If we are an expert or have some certain skills, just write the accordance competence. Most of blogger according to their interests and hobbies, such as traveling or photography.
I. Force provide a time. 
The constraints beginner blogger is they are so lazy to update their blogs, they dilligent on updating their blogs just on the beginning, then fizzled. To overcome this, set your mindset that writing was fun and so useful. Make a special schedule to write, just like a home work at school and dont forget make it be happy.

J. Hit & Run! Finished writing, forget it.

Do not expect some reward or further effect. Just thinks that our post as a field of science for others, or at least the catalyst of self-expression. If a lot of readers like our blog or article, it will be crowded. But, do not forget to also promoted through various social media, forums, mailing lists or word-of-mouth relatives and acquaintances. If your blog deserted, keep writing. Do not expect any readers. Because remember, the function of the actual blog more as a record for yourself. We will remember in the future and remember the past events when reading. It was very touchy, you know … So, what are you waiting? Immediately write the blog as often as possible. If diligent, write every day. But if you do not have time, so at least a week or once a month. Because write a blog has a lot of benefits.


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